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  • New Legacy Committee Chair appointedNew Legacy Committee Chair appointed
    The Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Emily Groves, M7MLE as the new Chair of the RSGB Legacy Committee. Emily will be working alongside the Committee to promote the availability of the RSGB legacy funds and to advise… Read more »
  • 7 December – So what’s next? by Jonathan Mitchener, G0DVJ7 December – So what’s next? by Jonathan Mitchener, G0DVJ
    Jonathan’s presentation This will be a jargon-free, wide-ranging talk about where amateur radio can take you, whether you are new to the hobby or returning after a gap. Using his own extensive journey and experiences from amateur radio, Jonathan will… Read more »
  • RSGB seeks records of complaints about on-air behaviourRSGB seeks records of complaints about on-air behaviour
    The RSGB receives complaints from time to time regarding incidences of deliberate jamming and foul or inappropriate language on the air. The Operating Advisory Service provides advice on the RSGB website about how to deal with these problems. The Society… Read more »
  • RSGB Radio Communication HandbookRSGB Radio Communication Handbook
    14th Edition Edited by Mike Browne, G3DIH This new edition of the RSGB Radio Communication Handbook has as always been updated and re-written so that it remains one of the best guides in the world to amateur radio technology and… Read more »
  • RadCom November 2020, Vol. 96, No. 11RadCom November 2020, Vol. 96, No. 11
    CQ Senhaix! Dual band handhelds from a relatively new name To read this edition, tap or click cover image News and Reports News and Reports Around Your Region – Club events calendar 85 Around Your Region – Events roundup 89… Read more »
  • Raspberry Pi decoder now availableRaspberry Pi decoder now available
    The FUNcube Raspberry Pi Telemetry Decoder. The original FUNcube telemetry decoder and Dashboard was designed to run on Windows devices and we did publish the telemetry format in accordance with the Amateur Satellite Service traditions and requirements. We had planned… Read more »
  • FUNcube-1 no longer in full sunlightFUNcube-1 no longer in full sunlight
    After some eight months in continuous sunlight, FUNcube-1 has now started to see some eclipses during each orbit. The telemetry received has shown that the spacecraft continued to function perfectly during this period and the on board temperatures did not… Read more »
  • Happy birthday FUNcube-1Happy birthday FUNcube-1
    Today, November 21st 2019, marks the sixth birthday of our very first CubeSat mission, FUNcube-1. A very short time after the launch from Yasny in Russia and within a few minutes from deployment, the very first frame of data from… Read more »
  • The AMSAT payload on ESEO has been activatedThe AMSAT payload on ESEO has been activated
    ESA have just released a new mission update for the ESEO Mission. It can be seen here https://www.esa.int/Education/ESEO/ESEO_mission_updates We are delighted that the BPSK telemetry transmitter, on our payload, was enabled for a period of just over 200 minutes in… Read more »
  • ESEO Commissioning startsESEO Commissioning starts
    On Monday December 3rd 2018, the 50kg ESA Education Office satellite ESEO was launched by Space-X on the Spaceflight SSO-A SmallSat Express mission.   Following the launch from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base, ESEO separated… Read more »
  • FUNcube Dashboard Summary UpdateFUNcube Dashboard Summary Update
    Each satellite carrying a FUNcube payload has a dedicated dashboard and we have updated the one page summary (FUNcube Dashboard Summary v3) of those dashboards, their current version number and a dedicated download link. Telemetry Dashboard We have included the… Read more »
  • Post launch updates on the JY1SAT and ESEO missions – 14th December 2018Post launch updates on the JY1SAT and ESEO missions – 14th December 2018
    JY1SAT – Although not finally confirmed, good tracking results are being obtained using the TLEs for object 2018-99AX  / 43803. Commissioning of the spacecraft is continuing and there may be some changes to the operating modes over the next couple… Read more »
  • FUNcube Payload Telemetry DashboardsFUNcube Payload Telemetry Dashboards
    With some luck………… Monday December 3rd will see two more satellites carrying FUNcube payloads launched into orbit. With that launch, JY1Sat and ESEO will join FUNcube-1 (A0-73) and Nayif-1 (EO-88). The FUNcube team have been busy, not only designing and… Read more »
  • ESEO launch information & DashboardESEO launch information & Dashboard
    The launch of the ESEO spacecraft has now been confirmed to be on board the SSO-A flight from Vandenberg. More information is available from ESA Education’s  website https://www.esa.int/Education/ESEO The ESEO microsatellite includes a FUNcube payload which will provide similar telemetry to its… Read more »
  • JY1SAT launch information & DashboardJY1SAT launch information & Dashboard
    JY1Sat is an enhanced 1U FUNcube. It has been developed for the Crown Prince Foundation in Jordan. The spacecraft has been named in honour of the Crown Prince’s grandfather, King Hussein, who operated using his personal amateur radio callsign which… Read more »