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  • Supporting, encouraging and recognising the work of our volunteers and staff
    As part of the RSGB’s five-year strategy, we strive to enhance support and recognition of our volunteers, as well as developing ways of working with them more closely. With just 11 full-time and 5 part- time members of staff managing... Read more »
  • SSO-A mission with Amateur Radio satellites launches Nov. 19
    SSO-A mission – credit Spaceflight Spaceflight’s SSO-A SmallSat Express mission, on a SpaceX Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, is currently scheduled for November 19, 2018 at 18:32 GMT. It is planned to launch 15 microsatellites and 56 CubeSats on this... Read more »
  • Cliff Lindsay, G4VJI, 6th November 2018
    It is with much sadness that I have to report that my good friend Cliff Lindsay, G4VJI passed away peacefully at home in Blandford, Dorset on 6th November 2018. He had been diagnosed with terminal cancer earlier in the year but... Read more »
  • Fox-1Cliff Currently Scheduled for November 19 Launch
    Fox-1Cliff CubeSat AMSAT is counting down to the launch of the next Fox-1 satellite, Fox-1Cliff. Per Spaceflight Now, the launch of Spaceflight’s SSO-A SmallSat Express mission, on a SpaceX Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Air Force Base, is currently scheduled for November 19,... Read more »
  • GB2RS News Script for 11 November 2018
    Please click the link below to download this week’s news script GB2RS News Script for 11 November 2018... Read more »
  • India gets 60, 630 and 2200m
    The Indian Government’s Telecommunications regulator has published a 2018 Update to the Indian National Frequency Plan, effective from the 25th of October. It lists new amateur bands at 5MHz, 472 and 136kHz. In more detail that means 5351.5 to 5366.5kHz... Read more »
  • Join the RSGB Legacy Committee
    The RSGB Legacy Committee considers applications to the Legacy Fund for project funding and makes recommendations to the Board. One of the current members is coming towards the end of his term of office and the RSGB is looking for... Read more »
  • Es’hail-2 geostationary satellite may launch November 15
    AMSAT-DL/BATC team at the Kennedy Space Center Nov. 14, 2018 The satellite Es’hail-2 carrying amateur radio transponders is expected to be launched this week into a geostationary orbit, see AMSAT-DL website https://amsat-dl.org/p4-a-eshail-2-launches-in-a-few-days Es’hail-2 coverage area A pre-launch static fire test was carried out... Read more »
  • Videos of AMSAT Symposium talks
    Videos of the presentations given at the 2018 William A. Tynan W3XO Memorial Space Symposium in Huntsville, Alabama, on Friday/Saturday November 2/3 are now available Schedule of symposium presentations https://www.amsat.org/call-for-papers/ Watch Friday, November 2 Watch Saturday, November 3 ... Read more »
  • FCC Satellite Related Filings
    For easier navigation of US FCC Satellite related filings Luke Rehmann has built an RSS feed of the FCC’s ELS and IBFS systems. The FCC Experimental Licensing System provides companies with temporary authorization to conduct temporary experimental wireless communication lab-testing, space... Read more »
  • Ham radio satellites on 5 Euro coin
    Lithuania 5 Euro Gold Coin 2018 The Bank of Lithuania (Lietuvos bankas) has released a commemorative gold 5 Euro coin featuring the amateur radio satellites LituanicaSAT-1 (LO-78) and LitSAT-1. The two CubeSats were launched to the International Space Station (ISS) on January... Read more »
  • Galileo GNSS/GPS – FCC to vote on use of signals in USA
    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has said it will vote in November on whether to allow U.S. GPS receivers to access the Galileo global navigation satellite system (GNSS). From an Amateur Radio perspective the key part is that the FCC will... Read more »
  • ARISS and Amateur Radio in Raspberry Pi magazine article
    Students programming the Astro Pi computers Credit: UK Space Agency (Max Alexander) Radio amateur Dave Honess M6DNT is interviewed in the popular Raspberry Pi magazine MagPi about “Taking Education to the Stars”. The article, on pages 84/85 of issue 75 November 2018... Read more »
  • ESEO’s Educational Story Continues
    Happy ESEO students and AMSAT-UK members ESA reports the European Student Earth Orbiter (ESEO) has concluded its test campaign. The ESEO student teams gathered in the Netherlands, October 18, 2018 for a last precious lesson before the satellite is launched. ESEO satellite... Read more »
  • LO-94 spacecraft signal decoded after bouncing off Moon
    SSDV image of Moon and Earth taken by LO-94 (DSLWP-B) – Credit Cees Bassa Daniel Estévez EA4GPZ / M0HXM reports decoding a JT4G amateur radio signal from the LO-94 (DSLWP-B) spacecraft that was reflected off the Moon. Daniel says “JT4G is a... Read more »
  • AO73/FUNcube-1 is entering a further period of full sunlight
    AO73/FUNcube-1 has been in space for almost five years and the original Sun Synchronous Orbit has now changed slightly such that the spacecraft will no longer be in eclipse for 35 mins every orbit. The eclipse period has already reduced and... Read more »
  • AO73/FUNcube-1 Illumination – update 1
    The time when AO73 enters continuous sunlight, for the first time, is fast approaching. Current estimates show that this will commence on February 6th and last through until March 13th. Obviously, the autonomous switching system that the spacecraft has been using to switch... Read more »
  • AO73/FUNcube-1 spin period and illumination
    The attitude of AO73/FUNcube-1 is passively stabilised using the traditional magnet and two hysteresis rods. Since the launch over four years ago we have been intrigued with the resultant actual spin rate/period which seems to vary over time for reasons... Read more »
  • FUNcube-1 celebrates its 4th birthday
    Today, November 21st 2017, marks the fourth birthday for FUNcube-1 in orbit. FUNcube-1 was launched at 07:10 UTC on November 21st 2013 and its first signals were received immediately after deployment over the Indian Ocean by amateurs in South Africa. Since then... Read more »
  • Jordan’s first satellite – JY1-SAT
    During the final satellite integration training for Jordan’s first satellite, JY1-SAT, the team was supported for the final stages of integration by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Al Hussein bin Abdullah II. The spacecraft has been given to students of... Read more »
  • Nayif-1 and Dashboard news
    Nayif-1 Nayif-1 has now been in orbit for more than two weeks and all systems continue to operate nominally. The power budget is positive, the spin/tumble rate is acceptably low, on board temperatures are perfectly ok and, importantly, the educational/amateur transponder... Read more »
  • Nayif-1 UPDATE -Thursday 16th Feb 2017
    All the tlm numbers “in the green”! With the  Nayif-1 patch and lapel badge Nayif-1 was successfully launched at 03:58UTC on February 15th 2017 and good signals were soon heard by stations in North America. We are pleased to be able to confirm... Read more »
  • Nayif-1 Pre-launch Keps and other details UPDATED Tuesday 14th Feb 2017
    The launch time for the Nayif-1 CubeSat remains as 03:58UTC on February 15th 2017 on the PSLV C37 vehicle. We expect the launch to be webstreamed at http://webcast.gov.in/live/ A set of pre-launch TLEs have been released: NAYIF 1 17002U 17002A   17046.17824931 0.00000000  00000-0 ... Read more »
  • Nayif-1 launch date now confirmed
    Nayif-1, a 1U CubeSat, which has a full FUNcube payload, is scheduled for launch on an Indian PSLV launch vehicle at 03:58 UTC on February 15th 2017. The flight, C-37, will be carrying a total of 104 satellites into orbit.... Read more »
  • AO73/FUNcube-1 Third Birthday
    Today, November 21st 2016, marks the third birthday in space for our baby, 985 gram, spacecraft. FUNcube-1 was launched at 07:10 UTC on November 21st 2013 and its first signals were received immediately after deployment over the Indian Ocean by amateurs... Read more »