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  • IARU prepares for Key CEPT meeting
    The final CEPT Conference Preparatory Group meeting prior to WRC-19 takes place from the 26th of August. Most of its papers are now available, including on current hot topics in the 6m, 2m and 23cm bands, where RSGB volunteers have… Read more »
  • GB2RS News Script for 18 August 2019
    Tap or click the link below to download this week’s GB2RS news script GB2RS News Script for 18 August 2019 (10-page/161KB Microsoft Word document) Read more »
  • YOTA 2019 finishes this weekend
    The ninth annual Youngsters on the Air Summer Camp comes to a close this weekend. Special callsign LZ19YOTA will be on the air during the event, hosted by the Bulgarian Federation of Radio Amateurs. QSL LZ19YOTA via the bureau to… Read more »
  • 146MHz band gets extra year
    Ofcom has agreed to extend for a further year the Notice of Variation (NoV) for 146-147MHz to encourage radio amateurs to experiment and test new communications schemes and systems. The current NoVs expire on 31 October 2019. Any Full licence… Read more »
  • Buildathon at RSGB Convention
    The RSGB Convention takes place in Milton Keynes from the 11th to the 13th of October. The Buildathon on Saturday evening is a little different. Presented as an alternative to the Gala Dinner, those attending the Buildathon get a hot… Read more »
  • QO-100 geostationary satellite talk at Hamfest 2019
    QO-100 talk by Paul M0EYT at Hamfest 2019 Paul Marsh M0EYT gave a presentation titled ‘All you need to know to get going on Es’hail-2 / QO-100 geostationary satellite’ at Hamfest 2019 in Dorset on Sunday, August 11. The 50… Read more »
  • 19th Global Symposium for Regulators
    Small-Satellites, High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) and 47 GHz were among the topics discussed at the ITU-D 19th Global Symposium for Regulators in Port Vila, Vanuata, July 9-12. The background paper ‘Preparing for WRC-19 – Understanding the issues at stake… Read more »
  • AMSAT in special 300th edition of ICQ Podcast
    The popular ICQ Amateur Radio Podcast has been running for over 11 years and on August 4, 2019, the ICQ Podcast team released their 300th edition which features an interview with Treasurer and Past President of AMSAT Keith Baker KB1SF.… Read more »
  • SSA defends 23cm band against Galileo threat
    Sweden’s national amateur radio society, the SSA, has sent a supplementary letter to the communications regulator PTS ahead of the next meeting of the CEPT ECC Conference Preparatory Group CPG-19. The SSA report: At a previous CEPT meeting (PTA), France… Read more »
  • ARISS Next Generation Radio System Completes Critical Flight Certification Tests
    ARISS 25 watt JVC Kenwood D710GA at Hamvention 2017 – Credit John Brier KG4AKV The Interoperable Radio System (IORS), ARISS’ next generation radio system successfully completed a battery of stressful tests required as part of the final certification of the… Read more »
  • Two ISS SSTV events during July 29 – August 4
    ISS SSTV image received by Dave Boult G7HCE in Exeter on April 14, 2019 ARISS Russia is planning Slow Scan Television (SSTV) image transmissions on 145.800 MHz FM from the International Space Station. Below is the scheduled for the planned… Read more »
  • AMSAT-CE working on CESAR-1 FM transponder satellite
    The Radio Club de Chile has announced the reactivation of the AMSAT-CE Foundation. The Government of Chile has announced a plan to renew the Chilean Air Force Fasat Charlie satellite, along with promoting the construction of several micro and nano… Read more »
  • High school students in Brazil building QO-100 ground station
    Students at Colégio Embraer Casimiro Montenegro Filho High school students in Brazil are building a ground station for the amateur radio transponder on the QO-100 geostationary satellite as part of a STEM education project. A group of eight students, from… Read more »
  • Iceland’s IRA buys Qatar Oscar 100 and APRS equipment
    The Board of Directors of Iceland’s nation amateur radio society, the IRA, has authorized the purchase of equipment to operate via the amateur radio transponder on the QO-100 (Es’hail 2) geostationary satellite. A translation of the IRA post reads: The… Read more »
  • JAISAT-1 Telemetry Data Sought
    Tanan Rangseeprom HS1JAN with CubeSat model Tanan Rangseeprom HS1JAN, Project Manager of the new 3U CubeSat JAISAT-1 has requested telemetry data from the 435.700 MHz beacon. JAISAT-1 launched on July 5 and carries an amateur radio 145 to 435 MHz… Read more »
  • The AMSAT payload on ESEO has been activated
    ESA have just released a new mission update for the ESEO Mission. It can be seen here https://www.esa.int/Education/ESEO/ESEO_mission_updates We are delighted that the BPSK telemetry transmitter, on our payload, was enabled for a period of just over 200 minutes in… Read more »
  • ESEO Commissioning starts
    On Monday December 3rd 2018, the 50kg ESA Education Office satellite ESEO was launched by Space-X on the Spaceflight SSO-A SmallSat Express mission.   Following the launch from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base, ESEO separated… Read more »
  • FUNcube Dashboard Summary Update
    Each satellite carrying a FUNcube payload has a dedicated dashboard and we have updated the one page summary (FUNcube Dashboard Summary v2) of those dashboards, their current version number and a dedicated download link. Telemetry Dashboard We have included the… Read more »
  • Post launch updates on the JY1SAT and ESEO missions – 14th December 2018
    JY1SAT – Although not finally confirmed, good tracking results are being obtained using the TLEs for object 2018-99AX  / 43803. Commissioning of the spacecraft is continuing and there may be some changes to the operating modes over the next couple… Read more »
  • FUNcube Payload Telemetry Dashboards
    With some luck………… Monday December 3rd will see two more satellites carrying FUNcube payloads launched into orbit. With that launch, JY1Sat and ESEO will join FUNcube-1 (A0-73) and Nayif-1 (EO-88). The FUNcube team have been busy, not only designing and… Read more »
  • ESEO launch information & Dashboard
    The launch of the ESEO spacecraft has now been confirmed to be on board the SSO-A flight from Vandenberg. More information is available from ESA Education’s  website https://www.esa.int/Education/ESEO The ESEO microsatellite includes a FUNcube payload which will provide similar telemetry to its… Read more »
  • JY1SAT launch information & Dashboard
    JY1Sat is an enhanced 1U FUNcube. It has been developed for the Crown Prince Foundation in Jordan. The spacecraft has been named in honour of the Crown Prince’s grandfather, King Hussein, who operated using his personal amateur radio callsign which… Read more »
  • AO73/FUNcube-1 is entering a further period of full sunlight
    AO73/FUNcube-1 has been in space for almost five years and the original Sun Synchronous Orbit has now changed slightly such that the spacecraft will no longer be in eclipse for 35 mins every orbit. The eclipse period has already reduced… Read more »
  • AO73/FUNcube-1 Illumination – update 1
    The time when AO73 enters continuous sunlight, for the first time, is fast approaching. Current estimates show that this will commence on February 6th and last through until March 13th. Obviously, the autonomous switching system that the spacecraft has been using to… Read more »
  • AO73/FUNcube-1 spin period and illumination
    The attitude of AO73/FUNcube-1 is passively stabilised using the traditional magnet and two hysteresis rods. Since the launch over four years ago we have been intrigued with the resultant actual spin rate/period which seems to vary over time for reasons… Read more »